Battle Supremacy

Battle Supremacy 1.2.3

Pilot a tank in this action-packed World War II shooter

Battle Supremacy is a thrill-a-minute World War II shooter where you get to patrol hostile, yet beautiful locations in a variety of tanks.

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  • Fun, explosive gameplay
  • Superb graphics
  • Realistic sound effects
  • Various skirmish multiplayer modes
  • Action-packed campaign mode


  • Tank controls are a bit clunky
  • Not very original

Very good

Battle Supremacy is a thrill-a-minute World War II shooter where you get to patrol hostile, yet beautiful locations in a variety of tanks.

War: what is it good for?

You can play Battle Supremacy in single-player campaign mode, or choose from a variety of different online multiplayer modes. All the different games offer plenty of explosive gameplay in what is a really immersive war game experience. It's a kind-of on-the-ground version of Atypical's Sky Gamblers, and Battle Supremacy is just as enjoyable to play as its airborne predecessor.

Campaign mode includes a number of decent-sized missions set across three different locations, which you unlock as you go. You start off in the Pacific islands and must work your way on to war-ravaged France before finishing up on the Russian frontline.

The idea of the single-player mode in Battle Supremacy is that you contain the enemy forces, blocking them from pushing through by blasting their tanks to smithereens with your own armored vehicle. There are eight WWII tanks to be unlocked in all, all of which are upgradable as you progress. You are backed up by your squadron of other vehicles who also fire at the enemy. 

Campaign mode has plenty of life in it, but if you do get tired of it, the online play in Battle Supremacy is well worth checking out. There are plenty of different game modes to choose from, and the servers seem pretty stable.

Take aim

The controls in Battle Supremacy are a little cumbersome. Moving your vehicle is done using an on-screen joystick on the left of the screen, which is a bit of a drag at times. Sure, I can't imagine manuvering a real tank is easy but dragging your finger around the joystick to get your tank positioned properly is painstaking at times. Battle Supremacy is one of those games that is limited by touch controls and would really benefit from an external game pad. 

That said, the controls in Battle Supremacy are by no means crippling. Aiming your gun is pretty fluid, and is done by circling your finger around the right of the screen moves the gun and aims. Your sights are automatically locked on enemy targets, which is handy, though this can be overridden and you can choose to shoot what you like. There are separate action buttons for shooting and for zooming-in on targets.

Tanks for the memories

Battle Supremacy feels like a very 'real' war game and has great depth to it. Many of the objects on the battlefield are destructable: rolling through walls and fences, bashing down trees and smacking down houses are all very satisfying things to do in the game.

The production values of Battle Supremacy are to be applauded - it really is a beautifully crafted game. The backgrounds are stunning, the animation is slick and the sound effects are what you'd imagine you'd hear in a real battlefield. A nice touch is the tank commander who barks information in your ear or complimenting (or not) you on your shots.

Sometimes it's the small details that make a game so engrossing, and this is true of Battle Supremacy. From horses running off in the distance to trains that thunder by unexpectedly, Battle Supremacy is full of little touches that make the locations come alive.

The verdict

Battle Supremacy is a vastly enjoyable and well put together World War II romp. If you've always wanted to drive a tank but didn't want the hassle of joining the army, this will give you an idea of what it feels like.

Battle Supremacy


Battle Supremacy 1.2.3

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